Stellungnahmen zu „Darwin’s Nightmare“

Stellungnahmen zum Dokumentarfilm

von Hubert Sauper


Bernardo C. Mwbilo

My name is Bernardo Costa Mbwilo. I’m a Tanzanian Secondary School Teacher, but now living in Germany. I was born and grew up in Mwanza, Tanzania. That is to say in other words: I know Mwanza to some extent. Having watched the documentation film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ I also have my own opinion towards it.

I think that the film producer wants to show the unfair trade which is going on between Tanzania, other central African countries and some western countries. The film shows the negative effects of this unfair business to the citizens of the lake region. The film also shows how the fish business has not succeeded to remove poverty to the people living around the lake region. The living condition of these people along the lake region seems to be very poor.

The film also shows poor infrastructure: unasphalt roads, the planes landing on the poor conditioned airport, people dressing poorly, the uncondusive working environment, prostitution, drug abuse etc. I think the aim of this film to show how big nations contribute to the poverty of Tanzania and other African countries, through unequal exchange in trade is reached. This can then rise the awareness to all people in the world about what is happening between Tanzania, other African countries and rich countries from the West. It also tries to give some answers to reason of the prolonged poverty in Tanzania and central African countries. To this the film producer had a great courage to show it out. I suppose he has succeeded.

This is one great advantage that can be seen. But my fear is people to misunderstand the real situation of how people lead their everyday life. What we see every now and then from different broadcastings, is that people from the western countries talk of Africa as a country and not as a continent. And it is always about war, anger, diseases, etc. My fear is for a person who has not been in one of the African countries will even need extra courage to go there.

Despite these problems there is also the smiling Tanzania. They are kind to one another and show a high degree of togetherness at times of sadness and happiness. Tanzania has more than 120 different tribes, and a number of different religions despite all these they live together in peace. Focussing Mwanza itself there are different attractive areas surrounding the lake region, e.g. the Bismarck rock, the Saanane island which is full of different animals etc.

Mwanza is also rich of minerals like gold and diamond, the fresh watered Lake Victoria which is among the biggest lakes in the World is also found in Mwanza. These are only some of the good things someone can find in Mwanza.

I challenge the film producers and other journalists to see also the smiling side of Tanzania and Africa in general. I think it is not fair to talk only about problems, because every country has problems including developed countries. This will help people from western countries to think positively about Tanzania and Africa as a continent.

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