What M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V. has done all over the years?

Founded in 2000; all the years information activities on official ioccasions, taking part in Africa Festival,

Sponsorships for girls: supporting them in their needs for school fees and school items.

Period 2009 – 2015

2008 we organized the transport of the ambulance car and the garbage truck (a second one 2013);

organizing visits to Mwanza with delegations from Würzburg, including our Lord Mayor (2009, 2012, 2014)

2009: Mwanza Concert Tour by the Rock-Pop-Gospel-choir Voices from Würzburg

2009: Fundrising “Madawati elfu moja” for public elementary schools

2009: Constructing a girls’ dormitory at Kiloleli Maria Montessori Secondary School

2010 in Mwanza/2011 in Würzburg: Exchange of Students for Hotel Catering / Domestic Sciences between VETA and Klara-Oppenheimer

2010: Visit and lectures by Mama Salalah from iltc Mwanza in Würzburg

since 2012 testing of solar driven lamps for the fishermen in Luchelele, cooperating with TAREA (Tanzanian Renewable Energies Association),

2012 organizing a visit of a young soccer team from TSC Tanzanian Street Children Academy in Germany

2012 in Mwanza / 2013 in Würzburg: Exchange of Students for plumbing and pipefitting / technicians between VETA and Franz-Oberthür-Schule

2012: Visit of a delegation from Würzburg, including Lord Mayor Georg Rosenthal and City Economist Christian Schuchardt (since 2014 Lord Mayor)

2013 initiating the climate partnership between the two city administrations

2013 initiating a students’ construction experiment of fishermen’s raft (like those on Lake Victoria) in the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (Fachholschule Würzburg Schweinfurt), department of architecture

2013, June taking part in an activity day “All children have rights” in the Catholic Matthias-Ehrenfried-Haus

2013 / 2014: supporting an organizing FELS (Football – Education – Life Skills) that sponsored football activities and the professional development of some players and organized a visit and training of a group of yound soccer players

2014: Organizing the visit and professional program of two representatives of Tunaweza in Würzburg (Obadia Kalumbete, Stephen Methusela)

2014 supporting the Community and Education Centre in Viktoria Schools in Malimbe

2015 supporting the renovation of the Childrens’ and Orphans’ Home Fonelisco in Ilemela


What is the financial support that has come to Mwanza City through Mwanza e.V.?

Year after year this depends on the funding we receive by private persons, by bank institutes (Sparkasse Mainfranken), by other NGOs like Partnerkaffee e.V., by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation. It is varying between 20,000.00 and 100,00.00 EURO per year.


What are the five most successful local  projects that have benefitted through Mwanza e.V ?

2009: Madawati Elfu Moja kwa Mwanza – 1000 Schulbänke für Mwanza: Providing 1300 schooldesks and chairs to Mwanza public Elementary Schools.

Supporting Huruma Special Unit in Pasiansi, a School for Children with handicaps

Supporting Tunaweza, a workshop for young people with handicaps

Supporting Malimbe Family, a childrens’ home of Upendo Daima

Supporting AIDS initiatives of Shaloom Care House and Uzima in Ilemela.