News from the sister city of Mwanza. The internet connects with Würzburg.

On Monday, March, 15th, at 7 pm informations will be given from the responsable people of Mwanza:

Johanna Sele-Rutinwa and her husband Suitbert, the directors of Viktoria English Medium School, will tell about their school and the sponsorship for girls that are fostered by the German MWANZA eV. (See on the photo the two left persons)

Moreover Obadia Kalumbete, the leader of TUNAWEZA, a workshop for young persons with handicaps, will give a survey on the situation of their new home (on the photo in the midst)

Next a German nurse, Judith Steigerwald, will introduce herself and tell about her experiences in Bugando Medical Centre last year. She will come to Mwanza again to promote the technique of endoscopy, in April. Besides people with expertise of the situation in Mwanza will be present.

You may join us on

Meeting-ID: 699 074 0759

Kenncode: 209117