Mwanza Municipal Officers in Wuerzburg for skill enhancement

Tobias Bujiku und Mussa Komboni als Touristen in Frankfurt

April 2nd to 25th, 2007: Skill enhancement for Mr. Thobias Bujiku, Mwanza City Transport Officer, und Mr. Mussa Kaboni, Second in charge Fire Brigade Officer, with Wuerzburg Professional Fire Brigade and Clean Environment Office. This training prepares the taking over of a waste disposal lorry that will be sent to Mwanza in springtime this year.

Mr. Mussa Kaboni grew familiar with the techniques of fire prevention, rescue skills, first aid, and breathing devices. In Mwanza three up-to-date fire fighting vehicles are on duty.

The training targets materialised more exactly in the process. When it turned out that the Wuerzburg fire fighters had a complete breathing device testing unit in their store – working without complicated electronics  – Mr. Mussa Kaboni underwent ain-depth training on this device. Therefore he will be able to apply and maintain the up to date unused breathing apparatuses in Mwanza.


Mr. Thobias Bujiku was received openheartedly by the Clean Environment Dempartment workers. The Environment Officer Wolfgang Kleiner had demonstrated his interest for the town-twinning activities by joining the M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association. Mr Bujiku got acqainted to the waste disposal truck that will work in Mwanza by spring this year, as well as to getting familiar with various aspects of waste disposal.


During the evenings and weekends the M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association took care of the two guests. They were invited by our members to their homes. So our guests got rich experience of life and culture in and about Wuerzburg, viewing and visiting churches, the fortress, the episcopal residence (UNESCO world heritage), concerts, spring fair, Easter mass, and an excursion to Frankfort.

The Wuerzburg International Officer Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwander organised the official reception by Mayor Marion Schaefer and procured insights into our local election.

Our Association informed the respective municipal departments (environment dept. and fire brigade) on Mwanza and the history and variety of the partnership relations.

Therefore, this professional training is considered as a successful example how co-operation between municipal institutions can work.