Bwire elected Mwanza city mayor

Mr. James Bwire - Mayor for Mwanza
Mr. James Bwire - Mayor for Mwanza

ALEXANDER SANGA in MwanzaMr. James Bwire - Mayor for Mwanza

The Mwanza Regional Administrative Secretary, Ms Marisela Mayala, has announced Mahina Ward Councillor, Mr James Bwire as the new Mayor for Mwanza city.

The exercise that took place at the city hall saw Mr James Bwire from Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) emerging victorious after gathering 20 votes and his closest opponent Chadema’s Pambalu John Justine got 5 votes.

According to Ms Mayala, no votes were spoilt and all the 25 councillors managed to vote. “It’s time to work for Mwanza people, politics has ended. You should work for the people who voted for you during the general election in October”, she added.

Nyamagana Ward CCM representative, Bhiku Kotecha emerged the winner as assistant mayor after gathering 20 votes followed by the Chadema’s Pamba Ward representative, Range Samuel who gathered five votes out of 25.

The newly appointed Mwanza City Mayor, Mr Bwire, promised to cooperate with his fellow councillors towards the building of new city. “It’s time to cooperate with the Mwanza City Director, Mr Adam Mgoyi, towards bringing development towards our region. I insist that every councillor must fulfil what he or she has promised to their residents” Bwire added.

Mr Bwire promised to embrace the Magufuli “Hapa Kazi tu” slogan toward the improvement of the living standards of the people.


Daily News, 15.12. 2015