Würzburg’s twin city Mwanza – up close in conversation


People with albinism and impressions of a nurse

For the fourth time, the MWANZA association invites you to a Zoom discussion with partners from Mwanza. On Monday, June 21st at 6 p.m. (TZ time), various actors from Mwanza will be heard in German and English: Judith Steigerwald, a nurse who has been in Mwanza for four weeks and who will stay for a whole year to help set up an endoscopy unit, will report on her first experiences. The M.W.A.N.Z.A. is helping to finance this mission of the Medical Mission Institute.

Ramona Seitz, member of the M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V. and freelance journalist will report on her long-term research on albinism in Tanzania and ask Vicky Ntetema, a human rights activist, and Charmaigne Zainab, the secretary of CBO Color Mwanza, about the current situation about people with albinism. In addition, music projects will be presented and a comic novel as well, which should help to reduce the prejudices of black people in Tanzania against white albinos. Government policy is setting a good example.

Boniventura Toto, the director of HURUMA, an elementary school for children with handicaps, reported about the colourful life of his students and the longtime sponsoring by M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.

Other knowledgeable people are present during the conversation and can bring in other aspects.

You can find the link for this on www.mwanza.de on the home page.

About the photo: The picture shows a boy in the Mitindo elementary school. Source: Ramona Seitz.

Kind regards Michael Stolz, Chairman of the M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.

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