We proudly present…

50 Years of Town Twinning – 5 artworks from Mwanza – 5 Anniversary-T-Shirts

Dear friends, together with Afri-Calabash Art Fair, Mwanza, and Fonelisco e.V. we are offering 5 jubilee T-Shirts in order to celebrate 50 years of Mwanza and Würzburg being sister cites. If you would like to order a T-shirt, please let us know. We can then help you with the ordering process which is in German as the T-Shirts are printed by the German company Seedshirt. Thanks for the great Mwanza artwork to the three artists Simon Lusana Ndokeji, Mathew Atik and Edward Tibasima. Special thanks to Isack Asfao from the art initiative Afri-Calabash Art Fair for his support.


Jubilee-Shirt 1: Jubilee-Shirt 2:
Jubilee-T-Shirt 3: Jubilee-T-Shirt 4: “Simba-Shirt for Fonelisco“ for Kids


Jubilee–Thirt 5: “Simba-Shirt for Fonelisco“ for adults