News from the sister city of Mwanza. The internet connects with Würzburg.

On Monday, April, 19th, at 6 pm informations will be given from the responsable people of Mwanza:

Delphine Kessy, from SAUT Univerity will talk with Helmut Stahl, the vice-chairman of MWANZA eV, about touristic issues in Mwanza, especially the Gunzert House on top if a hill inmidst the city. Most probably it will be inaugurated in August 2021.

Sr. Denise, the director of Montessori-Centre in Mwanza, will be interviewed by Anunsiata-Girye Peter, the director of a Montessori-Kindergarten.

Joanne Miya, AIDS-Center Ilemela Outreach, will explain the situation of HIV/AIDS – peolpe in Mwanza.

Next occasions to take part in such an event: On May, 17th, and on June, 21st at 18.00 pm Mwanza time.

You may join us on

Meeting-ID: 699 074 0759

Code: 209117