Lord Mayor Bihondo visiting Wuerzburg 2007

OB Dr. Beckmann and OB Bihondo
OB Dr. Beckmann and OB Bihondo

OB Dr. Beckmann and OB BihondoOn June 23rd Lord Mayor Leonard Bihondo from Mwanza payed his traditional visit to their sister city Wuerzburg. Mr. Bihondo remained for only six days, whereas his escort Mr. Joseph Mlinzi stayed on until July 7th. Besides the official visiting program including the Mozart Festivities our Association entertained the visitors. 

The visitors’ program comprised the Municipal reception on the occasion of the Mozart Festival, a trip to Creglingen und Rothenburg, visits to the Chamber of Handicrafts and the Waste Disposal Department, the Public Green Areas’ Office, and the Professional Fire Brigade.


At the Jewish Community Centre Shalom Europa the guests met Rabbi Jakov Ebert during a guided tour of the Centre. During two more weeks Mr. Joseph Mlinzi grew familiar with many more aspects of the Mwanza – Wuerzburg town-twinning. He presented his home town to the pupils of several schools At the summer party of the Medical Mission Hospital he met a delegation of the Bugando Medical Centre, Mwanza. Together with these delegates he was received by the Wuerzburg Lord Mayer. His program was completed by contacts with the Irish Delegation form the sister region  Bray. In particular Mr. Mlinzi sat in on the press office of Wuerzburg City. Mr. Christian Weiss introduced him into the whole range of his duties. Mr. Mlinzi enjoyed many private contacts, too, but finally he returned home joyfully to celebrate the birth of his daughter Elizabeth.

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