International Languages Training Centre (ILTC)

ILTC Lehrer und Würzburg-Delegation
ILTC Lehrer und Würzburg-Delegation

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The International Languages Training Centre (iltc) is an institution of learning that covers a wide range of educational activities. Within the framework of 5 departments,  people from 2 to over 80 years of age are taught all that is needed to face life in the 21st century.

The Mission

It is the declared duty and purpose of iltc to enhance effective communication among individuals and groups of various cultures, religious backgrounds as well as economic standing. Successful communication fosters mutual understanding and increase in knowledge for all involved. This ultimately strengthens the sense of unity and solidarity among people of all nations leading to peace and human development.

Every individual has been created in the image of God, hence stems his/her right to broaden his/her horizon by learning more about him/herself through gaining access to the vast knowledge and cultural diversity of the people of all nations. For that reason educational opportunities and skills related to communication in its broadest sense must be made available to everyone regardless of age, origin, philosophy, social standing and/or economic power.


The teaching of languages from all continents is the main focus of the activities of our institute. Only through language can knowledge be passed on. The five departments of our institute are:

  • The nursery school
  • Department for additional education
  • Department for language and culture
  • Department for information technology and secretarial services
  • University support program

In addition to that iltc has its own Primary School.

  1. Nursery
    We take care of children of 2 to 6 years of age. The language of instruction is English. The children are taught the basics that shall enable them to be well prepared to enter Primary School.
  2. Department for additional education
    We conduct tuitions for all ages from Pre-primary to A-level. Under this department we also run literacy courses for grown-ups. 
  3. Department for language and culture
    This department represents the main focus of the institute. We teach several languages including Kiswahili for foreigners. All language courses include an introduction to the culture of the region where the respective language is spoken. Cultural training is essential for all those who plan to live and work in Tanzania.
  4. Department for information technology and secretarial services
    We teach computer classes and do typing work for all those who don’t have access to a computer of their own. 
  5. University support program
    An ever increasing number of students opt for long distance learning. We conduct lectures and tutorials for students of various universities inside and outside the country. We supervise researchers from inside and outside the country in cooperation with foreign universities. We teach research methodology and provide a special course entitled “Research in the Tanzanian context” The aim of this course is to enable the researcher to adapt his/her methodology and research plan to the Tanzanian reality. We advise foreign researchers regarding data gathering methods and help them to analyze their findings.


Scholarship fund

The International Languages Training Centre has its own scholarship fund, it is sustained by entering every month 10% of the net income. Tanzanian citizens are given priority, but in exceptional cases foreigners may be sponsored as well. Both full or partial scholarships may be granted. The number of scholarships allocated every month depends on the financial standing of the scholarship fund.
Interns may work in the nursery and primary school or the department for language and culture. English teachers are given priority. Good knowledge of English is required and some knowledge of Kiswahili is recommended. We prefer our interns to study Kiswahili at our institute, so that the required standard may be guaranteed.

Contacts: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
mobile: + 255 754 66 49 33
             + 255 784 66 49 33


Should you wish to support our work you can do so by contributing to our scholarship fund. Please transfer your contribution to M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V. Kto Nr.43021799 at Sparkasse Mainfranken (BLZ 790 500 00)
code word “iltc-Stipendienfonds”.


OB Dr. P. Beckmann hands over a computer to the Director of iltc 2007