February 2015

Dear Friends of Huruma,

Absolutely amazing!  Through sharing food typical of Tanzania, African music, a slide show of Huruma students, a display of Tanzanian artifacts and testimony of those who have been to Huruma, a community of concern reached out  to ensure that Huruma continues to serve students with disabilities in the Mwanza region.



The 136 amazing friends of Huruma who gathered for Taste of Tanzania Feb 8 heard stories

  • **of the school’s founding and progress from 3 students to 40+,
  • **of the joy of children with disabilities when they can associate with peers,
  • **of academic success
  • **of the thrill of friendships
  • **of a sense of dignity gained in the neighborhood
  • **of the challenges these beautiful children face
  • **of the contribution children with disabilities can make to their families
  • **of the hospitality and generosity of the Tanzanian people.


To the many people who joined in to attend to all the details that go into making such an event a success I offer my most sincere gratitude.  By the end of the evening,  enough had been raised to fund staff salaries at Huruma for 12 months!  What a boost to the Huruma budget!  May God bless everyone who contributed in any way. 


Truly, “The Lord hears the cry of the poor.”  Through the light and hope we have brought to this corner of Tanzania,  we are making it possible for the students, families and staff of Huruma to “let their light shine” as God intended it to shine.


We were treated to this special verse composed by Niclole Kephart for the South African song “Bambela” sung by the Peace Choir:

When you’re

All Alone — Troubled — Tired — Discouraged . . .  never give up!

You’ve heard it takes a village to raise a child

But when that child has special needs

And lives in poverty and isolation

It takes more than a village

It takes a world.

Ask the families of those special children

Ask the teachers at Huruma

Ask Bertha Haas

It takes more than a village

It takes a world

And YOU are that world!

So keep on Praying — Giving — Loving — Singing . . .  Bambelela!


This compassionate community looks forward to seeing even more of you at the 2016 Taste of Tanzania!