Educational Officer from Mwanza visiting Wuerzburg

Educational Officer Ms. Beate Manyama from Mwanza in WuerzburgOn the occasion of a visit to Germany Schools Inscpector Ms. Beate Manyama from Mwanza / Tanzania called on Mwanza’s sister city Wuerzburg.Ms. Manyama is sojourning in Germany on invitation of the Carl-Duisberg-Society.  Additionally she is chairperson of the task force for solid waste disposal within the Mwanza City Development Project. In this function she attends a north-south-meeding of the Carl-Duisberg-Society. The Wuerzburg town-twinning officer Ms. Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwande was, of course, pleased to meet hr guest from Mwanza and exchange views with her.Originally, the contacts between the two cities started in 1966,  and were then continuously built up.

The contributed decisively to this process. Ms. Manyama also was invited by this association. In Wuerzburg she visited the solid waste cumbustion plant. as well as several schools, changed views with City Schools Inspector Reiner Hartenstein and was finally received officially by Mayor Dr. Adolf Bauer in the city’s assembly hall, called “Wenzelsaal”.Ms. Beate Manyama seized the occasion to emphasise a matter close to her heart. Inspite numerous donations for Mwanza schools still basic equipment is rather short. She asked, therefore, for more assistance. Furthermore she suggested a new project within the framwork of the town-twinning: sponsoring gifted girls attending a secondary school. 50 Euros can assure one year’s school attendance.  Ms.Frau Manyama speaking at the reception in the Wuerzburg Wenzelsaal: From left to right: Chairman Michael Stolz, Mayor Dr. Bauer, Teacher Ilonka Schneider,  Assistant Educational Officer Beate Manyama, City Educational Officer Rainer Hartenstein

  Reception for Ms. Beate Manyama, Assistant Educational Officer in the Wuerzburg town hall, 24.4.2002