Domestic Science Students’ Exchange Wuezrburg-Mwanza

„Tilapia-fish from Lake Victoria meets fruit-wine-soup from Wuerzburg“

„What`s life like in Tanzania?“ This was the key question of a preparatory workshop of the Frankenwarte Academy for nine students of the Wuerzburg School of Domestic Science, who are planning a journey to Mwanza / Tanzania. In a co-operation project of the academy, the Klara Oppenheim School, and the M.W.A.N.Z.A.-Association the students realized a three weeks’ training together with their collegues of the V.E.T.A. Vocational School. „We will never get this chance again“, form captain Katharina Eich is convinced.

Their teacher Doris Mehling, the M.W.A.N.Ä.Z.A.-chairman Michael Stolz, and the Frankenwarte-lecturer Hoimira Mansury accompanied the students. This exchange is to be continued in 2011 with Tanzanian students visiting Wuerzburg.

The main idea of this preparatory workshop was to impart to the very committed participants some knowledge of history, politics, and society of their host country, as well als sensitizing them to their own cultural identity by means of role plays. Many issues were discussed, e.g. concerning the history of the former German colony, the political structures in the post-socialist state, and the present society. Mansury and Mehling were enthusiastic about the students’ socio-political interest and commitment. „We all recognise that this will be a great meeting on par with our homologues which otherwise could not be brought about.“

The participants were particularly interested in issues of education and sex role. It was important to them to come across different life styles and facets. „Things aren’t either black or white, you take the easy way out by simply saying that everything in Africa is bad and problematical! Africa is so much more!“

The students got a short introduction into Kiswahili language by a Tanzanian living in Wuerzburg, Assumpta Lattus, as well as some practical tips for their journey and behaviour in their host country, by means of a role play. They were all very positive about the project: „ I can hardly wait to get to know life and work over there. I particularly like the warmth I have already felt.“ Thus the whole class had seized every opportunity to engage in social projects for the city near Lake Victoria. In this context they had also done their utmost to raise funds for their journey. The sum of Euro 20.000 could only be raised with the help of many supporters and sponsors.