Town Twinning

History and development of the town twinning between Mwanza and Wuerzburg

and what vitalises it today:

mutual visits - internships and trainings - important events in the sister city


Koran for Street-kids handed over

Meeting at the Encounter Centre KIMUS. From the left: Marga van Barschot between two members of the Upendo-Daima-Association (Netherlands) Hoja Tarsisius, Sema Kuzucu, Michael Stolz During the visit of the two responsibles of the Mwanza street-kids project Upendo Daima a first encounter with Wuerzburg Muslims has come about. Ms. Marga van Barschot, who works in the project for eight years alread, together with the manager of the Upondo Daima housing groups Mr. Hoja Tarsisius, met Ms. Sema Kuzucu in the premises of the Encounter Centre for Muslims KIMUS. Mr. Michael Stolz, chairman of the  M.W.A.N.Z.A.
Association and also one of the speakeres of the Interreligious Discussion Group had arranged this meeting.

Lecture at Friedrich-List-Gymnasium, GemündenMama Salalah works for years as a lecturer at the Mwanza International Languages Training Centre. Repeatedly she has been assisting German trainees to get acquainted to the Kiswahili language as well as to Tanzanian cutlure and every day life, co-operating with our Association.

Consequently, the M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association prepared and organised her stay at Wuerzburg in 2006.

Ms. Salalah lectured in Schools, at the University, and in Adult Education Institutions.

She inspired the understanding for Tanzanian culture and every day life in Mwanza. to pupils and teachers at various schools:  Goethe-Kepler-Grundschule (Kl. 1-4), Hauptschule Zellerau (Kl.9), Hauptschule Heuchelhof (Kl. 8-10), Realschule Gemünden (Kl.9-10) und Friedrich-List-Gymnasium Gemünden (Kl. 8, 11-13).

Educational Officer Ms. Beate Manyama from Mwanza in WuerzburgOn the occasion of a visit to Germany Schools Inscpector Ms. Beate Manyama from Mwanza / Tanzania called on Mwanza's sister city Wuerzburg.Ms. Manyama is sojourning in Germany on invitation of the Carl-Duisberg-Society.  Additionally she is chairperson of the task force for solid waste disposal within the Mwanza City Development Project. In this function she attends a north-south-meeding of the Carl-Duisberg-Society. The Wuerzburg town-twinning officer Ms. Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwande was, of course, pleased to meet hr guest from Mwanza and exchange views with her.Originally, the contacts between the two cities started in 1966,  and were then continuously built up.






Ms. Maruzuku from Mwanza in Unterdürrbach, a Wuerzburg quarter

2009-02-04 Angela Müller-Mbwilo completes her promotion. She wrote a thesis on „The Situation of handicapped people in in Mwanza / Tanzania". Ms. Müller-Mbwilo has organised her research in Tanzania via our association. Congratulations!

A. Müller-Mbwilo beim Africa Festival 06


02-11-0 to 03-07

Officila Representatives of Wuerzburg City are Mayor Marion Schäfer, Environment Officer Wolfgang Kleiner, and Ms. Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwander of the Wuerzburg International Office. Agents of the Wuerzburg Africa Festival will visit the Sauti za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar. New contacts to schools and students congregation will be made. Several members of our association will intensify the contacts to our partners and projects. The doctor couple Köhler from Wuerzburg will be visited in Moshi. At the same time a representative of our Irish twin region Bray / Wicklow County will be visiting Mwanza.

2009-09-26 to 10-04 Mainfranken Fair Wuerzburg:
Marga van Barschot and Hoja Tarsisius from Upendo Daima from Mwanza will support us with our information desk on the Mainfranken Fair in September this year

The Street Kids Project UPENDO DAIMA

Further Partnerships and Projects of M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.


Representatives and Delegations from Wuerzburg Visiting Our Sister City Mwanza

Representatives and Delegations from Mwanza Visiting Wuerzburg

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