Visits to Mwanza

Representatives and Delegations from Wuerzburg Visiting Our Sister City Mwanza

„Tilapia-fish from Lake Victoria meets fruit-wine-soup from Wuerzburg“

„What`s life like in Tanzania?“ This was the key question of a preparatory workshop of the Frankenwarte Academy for nine students of the Wuerzburg School of Domestic Science, who are planning a journey to Mwanza / Tanzania. In a co-operation project of the academy, the Klara Oppenheim School, and the M.W.A.N.Z.A.-Association the students realized a three weeks' training together with their collegues of the V.E.T.A. Vocational School. „We will never get this chance again“, form captain Katharina Eich is convinced.

Visit to Mwanza from Oct 30 to Nov 4, 2009

Images: Mwanza-Tournee VOICES 2009

Music Bridges The Gap

A performance in Africa is a dream for many European musicians. What even professionals are dreaming of, the Wuerzburg gospel choir ”voices” managed: In November 2009 they gave a guest performance in Mwanza i.e. Wuerzburg’s twintown. The 28 members of the choir returned home full of new impressions.

A few suffered from painful diseases, but most of the singers enjoyed their stay, at the most the crowded timetable made them suffer a bit.

The official programme did not only come along with several performances, but also with visits of social institutions and meetings with the town’s officials.


Friday, 30 Oct. 09

Morning: Arrival Mwanza

Saturday, 31 Oct. 09

Late morning: Transfer to Furahisha Open Space

Meeting with MVC Choir and Benjamin Mgonzwa

Preparation of joint concert

16:00 Furahisha Open Space: Joint Concert with the MVC Choir and Benjamin

Official Donation of the 1000 School desks to the City of Mwanza


This spring some people escaped the cold temperatures of Würzburg , having been invited by the City of Mwanza . As they arrived there on February 20th , 2009, they they were warmly welcomed by the Lord Mayor Leonard Bihondo. 20 persons from Würzburg had come to meet the people of Mwanza to get to know their partners better.

At the Infusion Project of the Lutheran Church in Moshi:




Welcome by Dr. B. Köhler (2nd from l.) at the Moshi Infusion Project

from the left: Regine Samtleben, Dr. Bernd Köhler, Hans Peter Hasch, Rosa Grimm, Benita Stolz, Dr. Pia Beckmann, Rainer Beckmann

Koran for Street-kids handed over

Meeting at the Encounter Centre KIMUS. From the left: Marga van Barschot between two members of the Upendo-Daima-Association (Netherlands) Hoja Tarsisius, Sema Kuzucu, Michael Stolz During the visit of the two responsibles of the Mwanza street-kids project Upendo Daima a first encounter with Wuerzburg Muslims has come about. Ms. Marga van Barschot, who works in the project for eight years alread, together with the manager of the Upondo Daima housing groups Mr. Hoja Tarsisius, met Ms. Sema Kuzucu in the premises of the Encounter Centre for Muslims KIMUS. Mr. Michael Stolz, chairman of the  M.W.A.N.Z.A.
Association and also one of the speakeres of the Interreligious Discussion Group had arranged this meeting.

02-11-0 to 03-07

Officila Representatives of Wuerzburg City are Mayor Marion Schäfer, Environment Officer Wolfgang Kleiner, and Ms. Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwander of the Wuerzburg International Office. Agents of the Wuerzburg Africa Festival will visit the Sauti za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar. New contacts to schools and students congregation will be made. Several members of our association will intensify the contacts to our partners and projects. The doctor couple Köhler from Wuerzburg will be visited in Moshi. At the same time a representative of our Irish twin region Bray / Wicklow County will be visiting Mwanza.

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