Lecture at Friedrich-List-Gymnasium, GemündenMama Salalah works for years as a lecturer at the Mwanza International Languages Training Centre. Repeatedly she has been assisting German trainees to get acquainted to the Kiswahili language as well as to Tanzanian cutlure and every day life, co-operating with our Association.

Consequently, the M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association prepared and organised her stay at Wuerzburg in 2006.

Ms. Salalah lectured in Schools, at the University, and in Adult Education Institutions.

She inspired the understanding for Tanzanian culture and every day life in Mwanza. to pupils and teachers at various schools:  Goethe-Kepler-Grundschule (Kl. 1-4), Hauptschule Zellerau (Kl.9), Hauptschule Heuchelhof (Kl. 8-10), Realschule Gemünden (Kl.9-10) und Friedrich-List-Gymnasium Gemünden (Kl. 8, 11-13).



Lecture at Wuerzburg UniversityIn the Wuerzburg One-World-Shop Mama Salalah delivered a lecture on Love, Marriage, and Parenthood comparing European and African cultures.

Finally she presented a lecture on the situation of teachers in Tanzania at the Wuerzburg University.



Co-operation aspects with Wuerzburg City were discussed at a meeting with Mayor Ms. Marion Schaefer und town-twinning officer Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwander.The latter heads the Office Wuerzburg International

Mama Salalah showed herself very pleased about the apparent willingness of backing the scholarship fund of her institution "iltc" in Mwanza.

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