In Würzburg, the towels are embroidered with the names of the guests. The class H III of the Vocational School of Home Economics at the Clara-Oppenheimer School, has produced these towels with the assistance of their professional teacher Martha Oehrlein.

Marked Towels for the Mwanza Guests


At 13.15 h, the Mwanza students landed at Frankfurt Airport. They were given a warm reception in the hall E of Terminal 2: "Jambo, jambo bwana ..." An eight-member reception group from Würzburg met them at the Airport. The three organizers Doris Mehling (technical director of Home Economics at the Clara-Oppenheimer-school), Homaira Mansury (lecturer at the Academy Frankenwarte), Michael Stolz (Chairman of the MWANZA e.V.), Asumpta Lattus (Tanzanian and lecturer in the introductory seminar) together with four students from the Würzburg Home Economics School, who had been in Mwanza July last year.

Warm Reception at Frankfurt Airport


Flaviana Minde, 39, home economics teacher at the VETA in Mwanza, is for her first time outside Africa. She is still reminiscent of the difficulties of recent days. "It's been a tough time for the young women, but they have not ceased to believe in the success of their adventure. "What do they expect from their stay in Germany? "Everything here should turn around accurate timekeeping;. I'm curious to see how that will work," "What do you want to?" "I will get to know everyday German food, I would like to get to know a normal hotel. And I'm looking forward to the many Church bells that can be heard in Würzburg. "

Kinabo Joyce, 39, her colleague, expresses her expectations: "I want to see how you live. And here are so many museums, I want to see them all. I have no fears. Yes you take so much care for us." Se visited Canada three years ago. Since February, she switched to a hotel school to Entebbe in Uganda. During a visit Last year she had prepared the very intensive program for the Würzburg delegation to Mwanza.

At Frankenwarte Akademy in Würzburg





city tour - market placeDuring the first tour of the city, Ms. Eva-Maria Barklind-Schwander shows the market-place to the guests. She is in charge of the Würzburg International Department and, therefore, of the partnership with Mwanza.


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