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Upendo Daima (UDO), Kiswahili for "Unconditional Love", is an organisation for street children of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mwanza in Northern Tanzania. It was founded in 1995 by Sister Chimwemwe of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Mary of Africa as a response to the growing number of street children in Mwanza. These children lacked material support and they were threatened with physical assault, with the consequences of HIV / AIDS or other diseases. UDO was originally founded to address this problem and to provide the children involved with food, clothing, education and healthcare, also to reintegrate some of the children into their families.


Today UDO supports some 170 street boys, of whom nearly 120 are supported by the day care center and 50 boys are in 24-hour care in the Malimbe Family, near the St. Augustine University of Tanzania.


The Mission

UDO has taken on the task of caring with unconditional love for traumatized homeless children and to care for their basic needs, to advise and help them to build a strong bond with their families.

The Vision

UDO has a humanitarian approach towards "marginalized groups" in society, but focusses on non-judgmental care and compassion for the street children of Mwanza, irrespective of their origin, their abilities, or religious affiliation.

The main objective of UDO is to support homeless street children in Mwanza assisting them in reintegration and reunification with their parents, substitute families and their social environment.


Special objectives in our Day Care Centre and Malimbe Family:

 Material support and counseling for street children

  • Helping education and schooling of street children
  • Action plans with appropriate partners
  • Developing own forms of organization
  • Developing policies for children, both nationally and internationally.


Services that are offered in our centers:

1  The day care center is located in Mwanza and works directly on the street especially by

  • Working with street children
  • both psychological and medical counseling
  • home visits and reintegration
  • Provide food, beverages and entertainment
  • Provide literature (teaching), sports facilities, religious education


2.  The Malimbe Family Center

is located in the village Malimbe near the St. Augustine University of Tanzania, with 50 children living there. Besides food and other basic needs they also receive instruction in Nyamalango elementary school. In addition, non-formal education such as life science, gardening, and husbandry are offered. The Wuerzburg Partner Coffee association has sponsored another bedroom bungalow.

3.  Computer Training Center and Internetcafr

This UDO in Nyakato Mecco generates revenue. Its services that are offered at affordable prices support the day care center and the Malimbe Family Center. The following services are offered:

  • Computer Training
  • Surfing on the Internet
  • Office services
  • Computer games for children


The Network

UDO is a member of the National network of organizations in Tanzania who work with children (NNOC). There is also a UDO branch in the Netherlands. UDO is dependent on donations, both from individuals who know that children are our future, and public and private institutions.

Visit the site of UDO: www.upendodaima.nl

Information and support via Mwanza e.V.  www.mwanza.de

Bank Details:Wuerzburg Delegation visiting UPENDO DAIMA project 2007

Bank: Sparkasse Mainfranken
Bank Code: 790 500 00
Account: 43021799



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