Shaloom Care House fights the spread of HIV-AIDS and develops strategies how to mitigate the effects of the epidemic in the area of Mwanza Archdiocese. Shaloom Care House offers its services to people living with HIV as well as fot orphans and under 18 street kids. The institution started with 233 clients, but their number has increased to 817 by 2005 and more than 2000 in 2009.

 Foto: Sr. Corrie Vork (l.) from the Netherlands has been in charge of SCH for many years


 Services Offered

Shaloom Care House offers the following services to its clients:

  •       Domestic care
  •       Hospital care
  •       Advice and voluntary tests (in-patient and out-patientl)
  •       Supporting counselling
  •       Food assistance
  •       Treatment of sequels like diabetes, heart disease, polio, sickle cell anemia, paralysis, cancer
  •       Care and support to AIDS orphans
  •       Schooling materials and uniforms for pupils
  •       Spiritual care for affected people and hospital staff


Achievements  (1992 -2005) 

  • The Shaloom Care House has succeeded in reducing the stigma and discrimination of those affected by 55%. For example have half of the 269 registered clients disclosed their illness.

  • A successful health education has led to a growing number of people asking for testing and counselling in the drop-in centers.

  • In the beginning (2002) 43 persons were counselled ,in 2004, the number increased to 537.

  • SCH has a strong team of 50 trained nurses for home care, and four team leaders.

  • SCH has a very good acceptance and resonance, so that the care usually can be continuous and other persons ask for assistance.

  • SCH has facilitated access to antiretroviral therapy for HIV and AIDS patients in Bugando Medical Center and in regional-Sekou Touré Hospital.

  • The support with school supplies and advice of 548 orphans and neglected children is possible.

  • SCH helps earning livelihood by the manufacture of very nutritious flour, which the AIDS patients and others can use.




  • Since this is a non-profit organization, lack of money prevents us from meeting the needs of a growing number of clients. Therefore, support for the Shaloom Care House is always welcome.
  • It is difficult to win qualified staff with relevant experience.
  • Free treatment of HIV and AIDS patients is not possible.
  • Still, the HIV-infected people are discriminated or stigmatized in their neighborhood.
  • The support given to these individuals is not able to reduce their poverty.
  • Some clients fail to present a proper residential address.
  • An obstacle is the belief in witchcraft in the local society.


Shaloom Care House being a non-pofit organisation its activities depend on various sources e.g. Mwanza Archdiocese, Geita Gold Mine (GGM), Mwanza city council, Tumaini Strategies Alliance (TSA), and TACAIDS (Tanzania Commission for AIDS).
Additional financel ressources are requested from various domestic and foreign sponsors, e.g. from Wuerzburg.

Bank Details for
Donations via M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association:

Bank: Sparkasse Mainfranken
Bank Code: 790 500 00
Account: 43021799

You can write in English to:
Shaloom Care House Bondeni St,
PO Box 1421, Mwanza, Tansania

or via  M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.:

Information on Shaloom Care House in our Flyer (pdf - German):

Shaloom Care House 1 (pdf - 2,1 MB)

Shaloom Care House II  (pdf - 2,7 MB)

A report from SCH (blog - external link)

More partnerships and projects of  M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.


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