Co-operation Partners

The M.W.A.N.Z.A. Association co-operates with the Municipal Administration as well as with several NGOs in Mwanza

The International Languages Training Centre (iltc) is an institution of learning that covers a wide range of educational activities. Within the framework of 5 departments,  people from 2 to over 80 years of age are taught all that is needed to face life in the 21st century.

The Mission

It is the declared duty and purpose of iltc to enhance effective communication among individuals and groups of various cultures, religious backgrounds as well as economic standing. Successful communication fosters mutual understanding and increase in knowledge for all involved. This ultimately strengthens the sense of unity and solidarity among people of all nations leading to peace and human development.

The CREATIONS Charity Craft Shop is a cooperative venture of four charities in Mwanza. These organizations had worked together for years on a local biannual craft show, which led to the idea for a shop. It now provides an opportunity for the charities to sell their handicrafts year round and thereby earn money for their programs and the crafts people. The four charities are:

  1. Tunaweza: a training program for young adults with disabilities
  2. Uzima Centre: where orphans in secondary school make crafts to help pay their school expenses
  3. Lulu : a program for young single mothers to train them to become self sufficient
  4. Chanua: where widows and other women join together to make craft in order to support their families.

Welcome to Viktoria Schools

Karibuni Shule Viktoria

Viktoria Schools a project of Viktoria Memorial LIMITED,

a company limited by guarantee, non-profit oriented No. 93434


Viktoria Schools

Malimbe MnanganiP.O. Box 95

Mwanza, Tanzania

Tel. in Tanzania: +255 / 765 021 122  / 767 001 808

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 Kinder aus allen Schulstufen, einige Lehrpersonen, Switbert Rutinwa und Johanna Sele-Rutinwa vor dem Lehrerzimmer


The Tanzanian Educational System

Although the government of Tanzania is putting a lot of effort into the education of its people, the country and the education system faces many problems. Basically there are not enough resources. It lacks schoolrooms, equipment, textbooks, teaching material, as well as, trained teachers. In classes with up to 80 pupils, individual teaching is not possible. Therefore children with difficulties in learning have a real challenge in passing the national exams and developing as educated individuals.


The opportunity which was presented to us

In September 2010 we had the opportunity to buy an already existing English Medium Primary school. We believe that the education of children is a direct contribution for the future of this country and the children themselves will contribute to their community by being better educated. With this in mind, and with our professional experiences as teachers and social workers, we decided to buy the school in October 2010. We are committed to providing an environment for individual teaching and development of our children.


Viktoria Schools

Around 10 kilometers away from Mwanza town center our school is in the midst of a basically poor environment. Close by, the newly opened university has a good impact on the economical situation of the area. Nevertheless the gap between poor and rich is increasing. A way out of poverty for most Tanzanian families is to see that their children have a chance to go to a private school where the classes are smaller, and the teachers are professionally trained and committed to teaching. Some families can afford to pay for the school fees, but some cannot.  Our aim is to offer a good education also to some of those, who can not otherwise afford it. Therefore we have initiated a Support Program in order to meet this vision. 53 Children are currently supported. With your financial support you can help a child go to school.



Buying the school was the start. The real work is now to develop the school further by constructing more buildings, like classrooms, dining/multipurpose hall, administration office, and continuing education for our teachers. To make the school more self-sustaining we have to grow.  The costs for this development are paid by the growing amount of pupils, as well as, by donations. Our vision is to offer schooling from pre-primary to secondary.


Also our aim when the new buildings have been constructed, especially the dining/multipurpose hall, is to open it up as a community center where the local people can come and rent it for workshops and for groups to meet. At the same time it is an opportunity for us to make the local community aware of their rights and the benefits of education and to invite other organizations to work together with us, to share resources and to ensure the families are empowered to support their own children.


Switbert Rutinwa & Johanna Sele-Rutinwa


Schoolowners and management



February 2015

Dear Friends of Huruma,

Absolutely amazing!  Through sharing food typical of Tanzania, African music, a slide show of Huruma students, a display of Tanzanian artifacts and testimony of those who have been to Huruma, a community of concern reached out  to ensure that Huruma continues to serve students with disabilities in the Mwanza region.


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