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2009-05-30, 11.00 h: the outcome of our action „1000 Forms for Mwanza" will be announced on the Africa Festival. The money will be handed over to the teacher Bernardo Mbwilo from Mwanza as a representative. The best school class will be decorated.

Deaf School Children

pdf-version of the appeal  "1000 Forms for Mwanza"

Further Partnerships and Projects of the M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V.

In November 2013 the garbage truck, which was given to M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V. by the city cleaner, will start his long journey. It is the third garbage truck given to M.W.A.N.Z.A. e.V. within the last 20 years. The truck will be loaded with different supplements:

Protecting clothing for the fire brigade, cloths and shoes for children homes, blind-aids, Kindergarten furniture from the Montessori Kindergarten.

The truck was been maintained a final time and tested by TÜV, so that hopefully it will fulfill his duty for a long time in the Würzburg twin city Mwanza. This together with the other garbage truck, which could be sent already. Already one year ago this second truck could be examined by Tito Mahinya from the town council (picture). The transport costs could be organized by the monastery (BMZ, GIT). After the truck will be arriving at the harbor in Dares salaam, Tanzania will cover all costs occur and the transport from Dares salaam to Mwanza (1’000 km).    

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